Wooden USB Pen Drives

Wooden USB Pen Drives supplier

Wooden is the most abundantly sustainable and renewable resource in the world.

Eco-friendly USB flash drive Woody Bamboo combines the best of both worlds. Blending state of the art high-speed NAND flash memory with traditional Asian values and a minimalistic touch of Zen and the unique natural structure of the wooden bamboo.

Furbished with your choice of original Samsung / Intel SubUSB.com flash memory or a generic high-quality NAND flash chip the Woody Bamboo contains up to 32GB of data, securely stored and with a data retainment of an expected 10 years or more.

You can brand your company logo onto the Woody Bamboo and use it as a premium gift for those your company really cares about. Using high precision laser equipment we ensure that your brand gets carved into the Woody Bamboo USB flash drives and reflects your brand’s logo to perfection.

Complete with all the capabilities of branding, full-colour printing solutions as well as engraving and embossing designs. That will allow you to put your company name out there with the investments that you make. Promotional marketing is one of the most useful tools that you will find available today and with our high-tech toys you can guarantee that your audience will respond well to the solutions that you are offering them. Perfect if you are looking for a distinctive product with a tactile feel and great visual appeal.

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

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