Power Bank with Speaker and Wifi

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1.  2200mAh high battery capacity2.  High quality & full frequency speaker3.  Switch on and off through detecting audio signal automatically4.  Power input and output through single USB port5.  Battery capacity: 2200 mAh6.  Power output: 1.5 W
  • MUSK is now a MUST as it has a special innovative combination of Wi-fi connectivity & Data Card port in your Power Bank. Explore and Exploit this possession.

6 IN 1: 3G Hotspot + Hotel WIFI + ADSL Wireless Router + Power Bank + WIFI Signal Amplifier + WIFI Wireless Data Sharing

6-in-1-Utility1.  Built-in 5200 mAh large capacity, high quality lithium battery.2.  Support iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple series products, Android tablet PC, smart phones and other portable digital electronic products.3.  Intelligent compatible brand 3 g / 4 g wireless Internet card, Internet card plug and play, automatic dialing, no configuration.4.  Intelligent compatible hotel DHCP mode cable broadband access, line plug and play, no configuration required for WI-FI5.  Connect USB device to the usb slot of the power bank, then all of you can  share and storage all files from the USB Devices
  • 3 in 1 USB Stylus Pen with Built-In USB Flash Memory and a ballpoint pen. Write, Store and Scroll. Enhance your attire with Trinity in your pocket.
3 in 1 USB Stylus Pen1.  USB Memory Capacity: 8GB
2.  Perfect for carrying around
3.  Works on all capacitive touch screens4.  The soft touch tip provides precise touch and control, while protecting your touch screen.
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