Power Banks


  • Walking charger. Carry your Power House in your pocket with CARICA. Carica will always keep your gadget high on energy and it gives you the opportunity to always stay connected.

Mini Portable Speaker

1.  Capacity:2800mAh
2.  Input:DC 5V 1000mA
3.  Output: DC 5V 1000mA
4.  Size:94*21*22mm
5.  N/W:78g
6.  Operating temperature:-10℃-50℃
7.  Cycle life:≥500
8.  Charge time:3hours


  • CHROMO has that secret which will take you to the top of the success ladder in all walks of life.This Power Charger will keep your ipad, smart phones charged and it will keep you moving. Gone are the days when you wait near the plug point to charge your gadgets.

Portable Power Charger

1.  Capacity:3000mAh
2.  Input:   DC5V 1000mA
3.  Output: DC5V 2000mA
4.  DC5V 1000mA
5.  Size:  99*30*14mm
6.  N/W:95g
7.  Operating temperature:-10℃-50℃
8.  Cycle life:≥500
9.  Charge time:3 hours


  • HOLIGEN is the father of Power House as it has maximum power and it stands out in terms of performance & looks.
Heavy Power Charger
1.  Capacity:5600mAh
2.  Input: DC5V 1000mA
3.  Output: DC5V 1A
4.  Size:100*46*43mm
5.  N/W:142G
6.  Operating temperature:-10℃-50℃
7.  Cycle life:≥500
8.  Charge time:4hours
9.  Color: any color is available

This little box of power can charge two gadgets at a time via its two USB ports.  Phones, tablets, cameras, etc. will all work if one end of their cord fits a USB.  I find this is especially great for any sort of travel because I can charge things on the airplane or in my purse if I’m not near a power outlet.

The Power Bank comes with two cables that contain a USB plug at one end, and a small, round plug at the other.  It then has 4 different adaptors that can attach to the small, round plug: two 30-pin plug in tips (compatible with iPhones and iPads with 30-pin ports), one micro USB plug in tip, and one mini USB plug in tip).  But as I said earlier, if any of your devices can charge through a USB plug, you can plug them into this with your own cord.

Power bank is a kind of portable emergency charger which combines the function of power supply and charging and it can be used in charging or standby power supply for mobile phones and other digital devices anytime, anywhere. Usually lithium batteries or dry batteries are used as a power storage unit. It is different from the battery in the internal configuration of the product, and it is also called plug-in battery. Generally it is equipped with a variety of power adapters with the characteristics of a large capacity, multi-purpose, small size, long life, safe and reliability.  It can offer power supply or standby charging for kinds of digital products, such as mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PDA, handheld computers, handheld game consoles anytime and anywhere. The concept of mobile power is also called “plug-in battery”, “external battery”, “backup battery”, “digital charging partner”, “the charge stick”, “charge treasure”

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Power Banks are an emergency charger for smartphones. These power bank is best corporate gifts for new year,diwali and event gifts. Power Bank for mobiles india