Packing & Accessories


Is presentation important for your USB drive order? USB Promos offers a range of options that are appropriate for your packaging needs and your budget. Packaging is available for commercial and retail purposes, gift giving, or other uses. Check with your sales representative on your packaging options. Items will vary according to the model and quantity you select.

Stamped Aluminum Case

Available in a variety of sizes. Stamped out of 100% aluminum. Hammer finished, with room for custom printing/engraving. Interior has die-cut open cell foam padding to securely flush-fit USB Flash Drive for professional presentation. Hinge or separating friction fit lid. Also available with or without transparent window. One of our most popular packaging options.


Magnetic Presentation Box

This box is perfect for housing your drive along with accessories and other items, such as mini-CDs and business cards. Exterior and interior available in a variety of finishes, including faux velvet, form fitting open cell foam, or even custom imagery. Lid securely fastens via lip impregnated with magnets.




Magnetic Plastic Clamshell

This plastic case is available in three sizes, to fit either USB Flash Drives, USB Pens, or the bigger footprint Card Disks. Interior has die-cut open cell foam to flush fit your drive. Lid has frosted edge. Lid securely closes with a satisfying click via two flush fit earth magnets.



Deluxe Presentation Box

Your USB Flash Drives will shine when placed in our Deluxe Presentation Boxes. A hinged lid opens to expose a textured EVA interior, with a custom die-cut recess to flush fit your drive. The exterior is finished in a matte black laminate, lending to the professional look of this box.





Gift Box

Card stock gift box available in various sizes. Accommodates all of our USB Flash Drives. Surface and interior can be ordered in different finishes. Also available with transparent plastic window. This is one of our most economical packaging options.



extra Accessories

Make your drive more user friendly. Options include keychain attachments, lanyard and neck straps (optional printing available). We also carry a variety of cables, and other USB products.


Neck Strap

This nylon neckstrap comes with a dogtag to easily attach / detach your USB flashdrive. Comes with safety catch to avoid any accidents. Available in different colors. Silk screen printing available on strap.





Nylon lanyard available in various sizes and colors. Attaches to your USB Flash Drives’ keyloop or keyring. Available with or without easy on / off clip. Silk screen available on clip and lanyard.



Dog Clip

Steel spring loaded clip with swivel attachment and small keyring. Attaches to your USB Flash Drives’ keyloop or keyring. This accessory allows for easy attach / detach of your USB Flash Drive to a set of keys, keychains, etc.



Ball Fastened Chain

Dogtag style ball fastened chain is perfect for attaching accessories and dongles to your USB Flash Drive. Available in different finishes and sizes.




Keyring and Chain

This keyring allows for attachment for keys and keychains. Comes with clip at other end of chain to easily attach / detach your USB Flash Drive from your keys.




Clips and Chain

This short section of chain is terminated with two clips. Clip one to your keys, clip the other to your USB Flash Drive. Allows for easy separation of your USB Flash Drive from your keys.



Cellphone Charm

A nylon loop attaches to your cellphone’s accessory loop. A small dogclip allows for easy separation of your USB flash drive from your phone.

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