USB Data Security

Through partnerships with USB data–security and encryption specialists we are able to offer our clients advanced systems for securing data on their portable devices and host computers. The RTS Portable Security Suite™ and EncryptStick™ software cover the majority of needs, but don’t hesitate to contact us about a specialized app or project for your CustomUSB Flash Drives.

Please note that SubUSB has no involvement in the development and support of the software applications described on this page. We sell licenses for these products in partnership with the developer and preload them as a service to our clients.

EncryptStick™ USB Security Software

Did you know..

Mac, Windows, and Linux compatible software
  • 25% of all PC users suffer from data loss each year – Gartner Group
  • 96% of all business workstations are not being backed up – Contingency Planning & Strategic Research Corp.
  • 1 laptop is stolen every 53 seconds – Gartner Group
  • 80% of computer crime consists of “inside jobs” by disgruntled employees – Gartner Group
  • The cost of a data breach averages 197 USD per record – Gartner Group
  • 15% of all laptops are stolen or suffer hard drive failures – Gartner Group

Top Ten Reasons to add EncryptStick™

  1. Can create unlimited invisible encrypted vaults (folders) on any PC
  2. Create invisible encrypted vaults (folders) CD’s DVD’s, external hard drives
  3. Password manager tool – eliminate threat of Identity theft
  4. 512–bit Polymorphic Encryption
  5. FREE updates
  6. Simple user friendly interface
  7. Shred functionality – deleted files leave no footprint
  8. Lost flash drive data recovery functionality
  9. Compression of files, thus increasing flash drive storage
  10. No set storage limit to invisible encrypted vaults (folders)

Lost Flash Drive Recovery System

If you lose your EncryptStick powered flash drive, you have the ability through our lost flash drive recovery system to regain access to all your private files.

Password Manager

Manage website passwords, email passwords, credit card and banking information

Why EncryptStick™

  • Prevents thieves/hackers from gaining access to your private files
  • Log–in password is encrypted using 512 Polymorphic Encryption
  • Defeat key loggers
  • Secure your data from unwanted viewing
  • Protection of your information on lost flash drives

RTS Portable Security Suite™

Crypostick Portable Security Software for USB Flash Drives 
*The drive depicted above doesn’t exist,
though we’d love to make it for you!

CustomUSB has parterned with Research Triangle Software to offer our clients superior security apps on our Flash Drive products!

All of the portable applications described below can be preloaded onto your Custom USB Flash Drive order (as well as on Portable Media Players and any other products with flash memory). See our preload page for more information on our preload/data services and check out the portable apps page for information on software that runs directly off of your USB drive with no installation necessary.

Give us a call for more information on these exciting options, or send a quote request when you’re ready.

CryptoLock® Encryption Software

By Research Triangle Software, Inc

Keep all your important data protected with CryptoLock Encryption Software. Features include an easy to use interface with the ability to drag and drop files and entire directories when encrypting and decrypting, multiple encryption methods including AES encryption, two ways to compress files and much more.

CryptoBuddy® Back–up

By Research Triangle Software, Inc

Back–up and secure all your files from your USB flash drive to your PC and never worry about losing your important documents again. Just a few clicks and you have an encrypted and compressed copy of all your files from your USB flash drive to your PC. The CryptoBuddy backup icon automatically goes on your desktop easily restoring all your files.

Private Internet Browsing Software

By Research Triangle Software, Inc

Private Internet browsing lets you protect your privacy and sensitive personal information by diverting all tracking of your Internet activities to your USB flash drive instead of to your hard drive.

eTrust® PestPatrol Anti–Spyware

By Computer Associates

Finds and removes potentially harmful spyware and adware from your PC. Sweep your PC of malicious software designed to invisibly track the sites you surf, the products you buy, and the messages you send.

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